EMAILHEATMAPS Create heatmaps to easily see the results from all your email marketing campaigns!

With our easy 1-step setup process, you can analyse the results of all your email marketing campaigns and truly understand which clicks are hot, which clicks are not and the areas that get the most clicks.

Simply connect your email marketing platform and we do the magic! EmailHeatmaps is safe, secure and never connects to your mailing list or subscribers!

Try it for free for 14 days today to experience the power of our EmailHeatmap tool to visualise the results.

See how it works:


Here are a couple of real-life examples using EmailHeatmaps. As you can see, EmailHeatmaps gives you easily digestible information about your campaign.

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Simply register for an account, connect to your Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Active Campaign or GetResponse email marketing platform (many more coming soon!) Then create an EmailHeatmap using the data from your latest campaign.

Go on, try it out today and see the magic appear before your eyes! Completely free for 14-days, just register, connect and create your first Email Heatmap!


With our amazing one-of-a-kind campaign compare tool, you can compare two campaigns side-by-side.

Why do this?

Simple! Maybe you've changed your template, updated the design, introduced product instead of lifestyle shots, animated gifs over JPG/PNG, or changed your ‘call to action’. Whatever it is, comparing and analysing is critical to improving your email results. See what worked and what didn't so you can create a more effective campaign the next time around.

What our clients think:

Email heatmaps has really helped us improve the content of our emails and in turn increase click through rates!

Budd shirts

A great way to visualise how each campaign performs in order for us to make decisions to keep improving


The compare tool is so valuable to help us improve the content of our emails!

Sterling and Burke

A great tool for us to keep improving our email marketing campaigns! Looking forward to seeing new features like download and share.

Ally Capellino

Truly amazing and the ease to create email heatmaps really helps. The compare tool really powerful to understand the impact of changes to design and layout.


I've never seen anything like Email Heatmaps! I love that you're able to use this on older emails and as soon as I got set up, I was able to see things that people had been clicking in our emails that really opened my eyes. This is going to change how I do email marketing!

Focus Performance

Most email marketing platforms

We can connect with many of the top email marketing platforms.

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