EmailHeatmaps for AB tests

Here is the magic!

In a world-first, has created a side-by-side comparison tool for your email campaign’s A/B split tests. When sending out two emails with content difference to test which blocks are the most effective, EmailHeatmaps can now deliver a side-by-side direct comparison of the click results from each test variation.

So, if you’re wondering whether “Buy Now” or “Add To Cart” gets you more clicks, or a static image VS animated GIF will deliver the best results, you can send out your AB tests via Mailchimp and get a heatmap to show you which email generated the most clicks. You then know which to use for your main campaign send in the future.

  • •  Do your customers click more on red buttons or green buttons?
  • •  Does an animated GIF give you more clicks than a static image?
  • •  Does the CTA work better at the top of the email or the bottom?
  • •  Does “Add to Cart” generate more clicks than “Buy Now”?

See the answers to these questions in one glance with EmailHeatmaps A/B testing feature! EmailHeatmaps is the ONLY tool that offers this feature to analyse your AB tests side by side! Whilst currently only available for Mailchimp users, the side-by-side comparison tool is coming soon for other popular platforms such as Klaviyo, Moosend, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, SMAILY, and Benchmark Email.

AB test feature is currently only available to Mailchimp users on our unlimited plan, so sign up today for a 14-day trial.

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