What are Email Heatmaps?

In short, Email Heatmaps are a visual representation of the areas within your email where people have clicked. The colours run from red through to blue with red indicating the ‘hot’ or most clicked-on areas and blue the least popular. The more intense the colour, the greater (or lesser) the activity on that area.

So, if your email campaign contains two images and a ‘contact us’ button, you can see which of those areas achieved the most engagement from your audience.

Why do you need it?

Tracking the results of an email campaign is critical to knowing what works – and you want to know what works so you can do more of it!

Email Heatmaps show you, in a simple and instant way, what’s working. Rather than digging through data and number crunching, you can immediately see what has given you the most engagement. You get a better idea of what your audience is interested in and what motivates them to engage and that information will help you maximise your conversion rate.

  • Quickly visualise your audience’s experience
  • Get better insights
  • Improve your customer’s buying journey
  • Optimise your conversion rate, from click-to-buy!
Email Heatmaps show you what’s working so you can sell more!

What do the colours on heatmaps mean?

Heatmaps use colours and intensity to indicate how popular an image, link or other call to action has been. A strong red hue indicates that link has been clicked on multiple times and is a big hit with your audience. Strong red areas mean you got the message spot on. As the colours move to the cooler end of the spectrum, these indicate less popular links with dark blue having received the fewest clicks. Areas with no colour at all mean no clicks happened in that spot.

How Do I Use Heatmap?

Using Email Heatmaps is really easy. First, create an account, then connect your email marketing platform (Mailchimp, GetResponse and Active Campaign are currently supported with other email platforms being added soon). You can even compare two email campaigns to see the differences in performance for an even clearer picture of what has worked well and what hasn’t.

You can create your first Email Heatmap for free to see for yourself just how powerful this tool is!

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